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GTX3582R Rotated Turbo Kit for 2002-07 WRX/STI


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PERRIN GTX3582R Rotated Turbo Kit

Looking for 100-200 Wheel HP gain over your current setup? Looking to make up to 450 Wheel HP? The PERRIN Rotated GT3076R turbo kit is the answer. Every PERRIN turbo kit comes pre-assembled, including all necessary items to install on your WRX/STI (with a Front Mounted Intercooler). With many years of production under our belts, you will feel confident that this kit will last and perform. PERRIN Turbo kits are not for the faint of heart and it is best to speak to a PERRIN specialist before ordering. Let us help choose the exact combination of turbo and exhaust housings to meet your needs. We can help you choose the extras that make this project successful from things like ECU tuning tips, recommended engine internals, injector size, fuel pumps, etc.

Add a PERRIN Rotated Turbo Kit to your WRX or STI for big power. Designed with racers and DIY'ers in mind PERRIN Rotated Turbo Kits are the fastest way to 400+HP. Combine this kit with fuel upgrades and custom ECU tuning for the ultimate power upgrade.

Rotated Turbo Kit Design

PERRIN Rotated Turbo kits are designed for customers that are looking for 400+HP, something bigger and more efficient than a stock location type turbo. Every PERRIN Rotated Turbo kit is designed around Garrett GT30R, GTX30R, GT35R and GTX35R turbochargers, which can support 600+ Wheel HP! Each kit come pre-assembled and includes a Precision 46mm Wastegate, large 3" Intake system with MAF, 3" downpipe with built-in wastegate recirc tube, boost tube connection for Front Mounted Intercooler, and all other parts needed for installation.

Rotated is Better!

The stock location for the turbo is limited by its narrow pathway for the intake which travels under the intake manifold. This narrow path is no where large enough for 3"-4" intake systems to function. By rotating the turbo off to the side, this allows for a larger intake, makes a smoother transition from the Up-pipe to the downpipe, creates space for a large external wastegate, and of course almost any size turbo we want. The PERRIN turbo kit places the turbo in the optimum position to attach to almost every aftermarket front mount intercooler as well as clear all OEM parts ensuring no damage from the extreme temps.

Pre-assembled for your Convenience

When you buy a PERRIN rotated turbo kit, we take the time and pre-assemble the entire kit before shipping to ensure that everything fits perfectly and makes your installation a breeze. Once the OEM parts are removed, is as simple as hooking it up to your header, cat-back, oil feed and coolant hoses and your done! We do this to ensure that turbo is clocked properly and that the oil drain and coolant connections are oriented properly. This saves an enormous amount of time for the DIY'er or shop installing your kit.

How much Horsepower?

The PERRIN GTX3582R kits are able to produce roughly 740 engine Horsepower, but we have seen as high as 650 Wheel HP. Choosing the .82AR turbine housing over the .63AR turbine housing will add roughly 30WHP and add roughly 250 RPM of turbo lag. If you are looking for more HP consider the .82ar housing or the 1.06ar housing. Compare Turbos Here

Large 3" Cold-air Intake

Every kit comes with a 3" cold air intake system that reaches down to your inner fender to supply fresh cold air to your Garrett GT turbo. Each intake includes fittings for all your crank case breathers and hoses. Each intake includes a modular BigMAF housing, which allows the use of a pull through or a blow through MAF setup. See more info about our Blow-Thu MAF tube on our site and learn how this can be a vital part of your installation. PERRIN intake systems always include a high flow foam filter element, perfect for large turbo applications. Also included are silicone adapters, and vacuum hoses for the installation.

2" Rotated Up-pipe

Our Rotated turbo kit up-pipe is TIG welded, CNC mandrel bent, 2" 304SS tube with .500" CNC cut flanges. The external waste gate is plumbed into the up-pipe with a smooth transition, from up-pipe to wastegate, allowing for increased exhaust flow and perfect control of all boost levels. The up-pipe is designed to bolt to a factory exhaust manifold or PERRIN headers, and fit a T3 Turbine housing from a Garrett GT30R, GTX30R, GT35R or GTX35R.

3" Downpipe

Our downpipe features a wastegate dump tube to recirculate exhaust gases back into the exhaust system. This eliminates the risk of fire and melting underhood components from high heat rushing from the wastegate. Our competitors don't offer this level of safety and performance, instead choosing to dump those raw gases directly into the engine bay. The PERRIN downpipe dump tube features a slip fit that allows for quick removal of the downpipe. Like our other exhaust components, the downpipe is TIG welded, CNC mandrel bent, 3" 304SS tube with .500" CNC cut flanges. It is also designed to bolt up to your PERRIN or OEM cat-back exhaust.

Tial MV-R Wastegate

A significant amount of exhaust gases are needed to flow through a wastegate in order to control boost properly. We chose the TiAL MV-R wastegate (44mm size valve) for its compact nature, and its ability to flow extreme amounts of air. Their High quality NiCrFe based alloy valves and 347SS valve housings offer longer product life compared to competing designs. A 17-7 PH Stainless Steel actuator spring gives consistent pressure at high temperature, resisting "relaxing" at high temperatures. 3 lower ports and two top ports for easy install, no need to rotate the actuator top at all, plugs included for unused ports. Also now has Integrated -4 AN water cooling ports that cycle a small amount of coolant through the actuator top to keep the temperatures down in extreme conditions such as road racing. We install a 14psi WG spring into each kit, as well as include springs to run up to 25psi of boost! 

Why Garrett Turbochargers?

We have chosen Garrett turbochargers for our rotated turbo kits because of their proven real world performance and their wide range of available choices that allow us to tailor a kit to your exact needs. We have been using these turbos since early 2005, but Garrett has been around since 1954 providing the world with OEM and aftermarket turbochargers. Not to mention been a large part of nearly all forms of racing, supplying Champ Cars, 24 Hours of Le Mans, Pikes Peak Hill Climb, WRC, and Drag Racing cars with high performance turbochargers.
GTX Turbos take the Garrett technology to the next level. The GTX turbos provide 10-20% more airflow and 10-20% more pressure capabilities, forge fully machined billet compressor wheel with next generation aerodynamics, 11 full blade design and ultra quiet operation. All this mean more HP with no change to the turbo response or overall size of turbo!

GTX35R Turbine Housing Size Selection

Customize your turbos response and top end power by choosing the desired turbine housing. Most commonly .63AR, and the .82AR are available and 1.06AR housings are available upon request. Larger AR turbine housings flow more air, but with increased turbo lag. Smaller turbine housings flow less air but decrease turbo lag. Its a trade off, as a smaller AR housing will be more responsive but make less peak power. Where a larger AR turbine housing that will be less responsive but make more power. On the GTX3582R turbo a .63AR housing builds full boost around 4200RPM where a .82ar housing builds full boost around 4500RPM but is worth about 30 Extra Wheel HP across the RPM band. Typically we suggest .82AR and if you are looking for more responsive, the GTX3076R is a better choice.

Off Road Use Only

This product is legal in California only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway. Check your local and federal laws prior to installation.
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5 Year Warranty

PERRIN Performance warrants to the original purchaser, all PERRIN products to be free from defects in material and workmanship within a sixty (60) months period from the date of purchase. *Some exclusions apply
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Warranty Exclusion

We will not warranty any exhaust part that fails or has warped flanges with header wrap installed. We will not warranty any exhaust part that fails or has warped flanges with header wrap installed. While header wrap protects the engine from heat as well as provides some performance benefits, it greatly reduces the life of any stainless steel part. Header wrap greatly increases the rate of corrosion (even stainless steel corrodes), added to that the actual temperature of the metal is much hotter, reducing its lifespan even further. Operation of vehicle without installation of splash guard will void warranty.

We will not warranty any flanges that are warped away from the weld if any aftermarket gaskets are used. Only OEM Subaru gaskets are to be used on this PERRIN Exhaust part, with the exception of downpipes for turbo kits. Subaru provides the proper crush gasket that still becomes flat when tightened (or over tightened) in comparison to aftermarket gaskets which can have a crush ring that is too think causing a hot-spot in the middle of the flange. These will warp the flanges of your PERRIN exhaust, causing a permanent exhaust leak that will not be fixable with a new gasket.


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Warranty Details

This product features a 5 year warranty Read Full Warranty

Tech Department


In The Box

In The Box

(1) Garret GTX3582R Turbo
(1) Tial 44mm Wastegate
(1) PERRIN Downpipe
(1) PERRIN Up-pipe
(1) PERRIN Complete Rotated intake
(2) Coolant Hoses
(1) Oil feed line
(1) Oil drain line
(1) PERRIN Boost tube connection
All mounting hardware
(1) PERRIN License Plate Frame

Dyno Charts

Dyno Charts

Proven Horse Power

Dyno Chart

How Does The Spool RPM Compare?

This graph shows all 4 common turbos installed and tuned on a 2.5L STI engine. You can see how the larger 3582R turbos spool slower as well as the larger .82ar turbine housing spool slower. But its all a trade off, less power at lower RPMs for more power at higher RPMs. Below are some representative dyno graphs to to give you an idea on HP you could see. There are many more Horsepower comparisons, with different boost levels, different housings and different models, all found on our Blog page. » Check Out The PERRIN Blog For More Info About The GT vs. GTX Comparo.

Dyno Chart

GTX3582R w/.82ar at 25, 28, 28psi

This graph shows the GTX3582R with the .82ar turbine housing at different boost levels. While this turbo is slightly laggier, it makes up for it in power! Over 500WHP with less than 30psi, that is impressive! The GT3582R make about 15-20WPH less at all these boost levels. » Check Out The PERRIN Blog For More Info About The GT vs. GTX Comparo.

Dyno Chart

GTX3582R w/.63ar vs. .82ar at 28psi

The .63ar housing is a popular choice for both the GT and GTX3582R, and you can see how the smaller housing makes the turbo spool faster but it looses some top end power. With the release of the GTX3076R, for those thinking of the .63ar GTX3582R, we actually suggest going with the GTX3076R w/.82. This is more responsive but with the same power. » Check Out The PERRIN Blog For More Info About The GT vs. GTX Comparo.

Dyno Chart

GTX3076R vs GTX3582R w/.82ar at 28psi

Comparing the GTX3076R w/.82 housing to the GTX3582R w/.82ar housing, you can clearly see the trade off. Ask your self is the 500RPM slower spooling GTX3582R worth the additional 30WHP?? » Check Out The PERRIN Blog For More Info About The GT vs. GTX Comparo.

Compatibility Notes


2002-2007 WRX Yes
2004-2007 STI Yes


All Turbo kits can make more power than your engine can handle. We highly recommend having a properly built engine that is able to handle your desired Horsepower levels.
Some 2005 STI models may require minor grinding of transmission casting for clearance. The few effected transmissions have a small 1"x1" casting that sticks out in the middle of where the downpipe passes. If you feel you have one of these models, please call and or email us a picture.
WRX models 2002+ require the purchase of additional Banjo fitting oil line.
5 speed transmission vehicles will also require minor grinding of of transmission casting and a soft bend in the dip stick sleeve for clearance.
Requires PERRIN Front Mounted Intercooler or other compatible Front Mounted Intercooler. Top Mounted Intercoolers will require custom piping to connect it to turbo outlet coupler on intercooler.
Requires VTA type Blow of Valve or use of PERRIN Blow through boost tube.
All models and kits require a proper custom ECU tune, and proper fueling in order to run safely on car.


Shipping Information

  • Item Requires Shipping
  • 62.0 lbs.
  • W15.0000” x H20.0000” x L49.0000”
  • This item ships in its own box.